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Battery Cautions

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1, to prevent overdischarge
    Battery discharge termination voltage, continue to discharge as discharge. Discharge will seriously damage the battery, is extremely detrimental to the electrical performance and cycle life of the battery.
    Battery discharge to the termination of the voltage when the internal resistance is large, the electrolyte concentration is very thin, especially in the plate hole and the surface is almost in a neutral, overdischarge, internal resistance tendency to have a fever, the volume expansion, the discharge current is large, significant fever (even fever deformation), particularly when lead sulfate concentration increased possibility of existence of the short-circuit of the branch crystal Moreover, the lead sulfate crystals into larger particles, that is, the formation of irreversible sulfate, will further increase the internal resistance , charge recovery is poor, or even can not be repaired.
    Prevent over-discharge of the battery should be used to take "the undervoltage protection" is a very effective measure. In addition, due to the electric car undervoltage protection is controlled by the controller, but other than some of the equipment in the controller, such as a voltmeter, lights and other power appliances directly from the battery-powered, the power supply is generally not subject to controller, electric locks (switch) closed on electricity. Although the current is small, but if the long discharge (1-2 weeks) will appear before discharge. Therefore, it is not a long time to unlock, do not have to be turned off immediately.
2, to prevent the overcharge
    Already described overcharge, over-charging the water loss of the battery will increase, will accelerate grid corrosion, the softening of the active material, will increase the risk of deformation of the battery. Should try to avoid the occurrence of overcharging; choose charger parameters to be a good match with the battery, the battery to fully understand the changes in the health of the hot season, and during the entire life. Do not use the battery placed overheated environment, especially the charge should be away from the heat source. The battery heated to take measures to cool before charging the battery temperature returned to normal. Battery installation should be located as far as possible to ensure good heat dissipation, and found that overheating should stop charging cope with charger and battery check. Battery discharge shallower depth or high ambient temperature should shorten the charging time.
3, to prevent short-circuit
    Battery short-circuit condition, the short-circuit current of up to several hundred amperes. Contact more prison short circuit, short-circuit current, all connections will generate a lot of heat, heat weaknesses, will be connected at the fuse, short circuit phenomenon. Battery topical may produce explosive gases (or charging can be set to save the explosive gas) produce sparks when the connection at the fuse will cause battery explosion; battery short circuit time shorter or current is not particularly large, it may not cause the connection at fuse phenomenon, but a short circuit will overheat and damage the the connection bars around the binder to leave leakage and other hazards. Therefore, the battery must not short-circuit, should be particularly careful when installing or using the tool should take insulation measures, the connection should be connected appliances other than the first battery, short circuit checked last connected on the battery, wiring specification should be well insulated to prevent overlapping pressure rupture.
4, to prevent loose connections and is not strong
    If the contact is not strong, and to a lesser extent, occur poor conductivity, its line contactor parts fever, line loss is large, the output voltage is low, the impact of motor power, reduced mileage or not normal riding; terminals components The contact is not strong (the vast majority of the fault in the terminal and connection joints), the terminal will be a lot of heat, affect terminals sealants combine over time occurs leaking the "climb acid phenomenon. If contact is not strong in the process of moving or charging process may have open circuit, open circuit will produce a strong spark, may point burst internal battery can burst gas (especially just charged the battery, due to battery explosion gas more battery power is sufficient and disconnect spark more intense, the possibility of an explosion is quite large.)
    Electric cars at runtime to withstand strong vibration assessment, deal with all the reliability of the connection, connectors with self-locking function to prevent vibration and pull off the battery lug connection should take connectors and solder to weld it, connectors and connectivity applications crimping method (can be pressed and then pick to Solder again increased reliability).
5, to prevent the exposure in the sun
Sun exposure causes the battery temperature increased battery increase in the activity of the active substance, affecting battery life
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