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UPS battery maintenance and maintenance

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In the UPS system, people tend to be one-sided that the battery is maintenance-free and not take this seriously. However, data show that the proportion UPS host failure or not working properly due to battery failure caused about 1/3. Shows that strengthen the proper use and maintenance of the UPS battery to extend battery life, reduce the failure rate of the UPS power system, has become increasingly important significance. In addition to the the optional formal brand battery, proper use and maintenance of batteries should be following aspects:

 (1) to maintain an appropriate ambient temperature

  Affect battery life, an important factor is the ambient temperature, the general battery manufacturers require the best environment temperature is between 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃. Although the temperature increases battery discharge capacity increased, but the cost is greatly shorten battery life. According to the experimental determination, once the ambient temperature exceeded 25 ° C for every 10 ° C, the battery life should be cut by half. UPS battery are generally VRLA battery design life expectancy of five years, in order to achieve this under the requirements of the environment in the battery manufacturer. Less than the required environmental requirements, there is a great difference in the length of its life. In addition, the improvement of the ambient temperature will cause the battery internal chemical activity increased, resulting in a lot of heat, in turn prompted the ambient temperature rises, this vicious cycle will shorten the battery's life.

 (2) periodic charge and discharge

  Float voltage and discharge voltage, UPS power system at the factory have been debugging to the rating, the size of the discharge current is increased as the load increases, the use should be reasonable to adjust the load, such as electronic control computer the use of the number of units of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, the load should not exceed 60% of the UPS of the rated load. Within this range, the battery does not appear to excessive discharge.
UPS due to the long and connected to the mains in the supply of high quality, rarely occurred in the use of the environment of the power outage, the battery will be long-term floating charge state, a long time, it will cause the battery chemical energy into each other with the power to reduce activity accelerated aging and shorten the service life. Therefore, generally every 2 to 3 months should be completely discharge time, the discharge time can be determined according to the capacity of the battery and load size. Required to recharge a full load discharge after more than eight hours.

 (3) the use of the communication function

  At present, the vast majority of large and medium-sized UPS with actionable and computer communications, and program control function. Install the appropriate software on the PC connected to the UPS through the serial / parallel port, run the program, you can use a computer to communicate with UPS. General information query, parameter settings, timer settings, automatic shutdown and alarm functions. Information query, you can get the mains input voltage, UPS output voltage, load utilization, utilization of the battery capacity, the internal temperature and mains frequency information; through parameter settings, you can set the UPS basic characteristics, the battery can be maintained for the time and run out of battery alarm and so on. By the operation of these intelligent, greatly facilitate the use and management of the UPS and its battery.

 (4) the timely replacement of damaged batteries

 The number of medium-sized UPS with battery, from 3 to 80 PCS range even more. These individual batteries constituting the battery group connected through the circuit, in order to meet the needs of the UPS DC powered. In the UPS continuously running use, due to the difference in the performance and quality of individual battery performance decline, mainly the electrical storage capacity damage is inevitable. When a battery pack or battery failure, maintenance personnel should be examined and tested for each battery, replace the damaged batteries. When you replace the battery, you should strive to buy the same manufacturer and the same model battery, prohibited sealed batteries and non-sealed battery, mix batteries of different specifications.