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Battery storage characteristics and methods

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Battery storage characteristics:
    The sealed lead-acid batteries should be stored in a cool, dry environment. Long-term storage, the ambient temperature should be controlled within 10-30 ℃. Before storing the battery state of charge and temperature of the storage environment had a significant effect on battery storage; Huanyu lead-acid batteries due to the high purity of the raw materials, the self-discharge of the battery is very low. At an ambient temperature of 20 ± 2 ℃ under the conditions of storage, the battery does not exceed 3% of the average monthly self-discharge caused by the loss of ownership capacity battery self-discharge rate varies with the ambient temperature.
    Universal gel battery lead calcium tin multi-alloy grid, self-discharge very low self-discharge rate ≤ 1.3% / month, thanks to the high purity imported the colloidal electrolyte (liquid), Universal gel batteries at 20 ± 2 ℃ conditions of storage 18 months, the battery capacity will retain more than 70%, the battery self-discharge rate varies with the ambient temperature.
    Discharge material of the lead-acid battery in the discharge state (deficit) electrically long-term storage, the active substance will gradually transformed into a stable structure and loss of activity, when charging difficult to transform, called "sulfate", resulting in the decline in battery capacity, which The kinds of process is an irreversible process. If not promptly conduct additional power will lead to premature failure of batteries. A fully charged battery is stored in the supplement electrical conditions to battery failure cycle called the "shelf life". Battery shelf life and ambient temperature relations the following table:


Ambient temperature






Shelf life






Battery during storage, battery self-discharge the battery actual ownership capacity gradually reduce the battery open circuit voltage slow decline. Usually through periodic supplementary electricity, you can restore the battery capacity and voltage.