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Battery Transport and Safety Precautions

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1 battery is charged the factory with liquid in the storage, transport was vertical transport, to avoid inverted, impact, collision, etc., in order to prevent damage and short circuit of the battery casing;
2 battery electrolyte conductive and corrosive if not careful electrolyte skin contact, immediately rinse thoroughly wash eyes except water cleansing needs special neutralizing eye wash solution cleansing and immediate medical attention to treat any spilled electrolyte sodium bicarbonate aqueous solution and (general 0.1Kg sodium bicarbonate plus 1 liter of water);
3 Do not fold unloading valve processing water battery, loading and unloading lighter moving light;
4 For solder terminals are forbidden to use more than 100W soldering iron for a long time (more than 5S) welding 100W (best 60W) soldering iron with generally less than 5 seconds. Try not to bend the terminal.
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