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How to use the battery?

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1,Thrown off seal self-adhesive strips on the battery injection hole, air holes in the exhaust bolt, please hole penetration; bolt or bolt seal paper Please sealed paper torn off.
2, injection density of 1.280 ± 0.005g/cm3 (25 ° C) electrolyte (liquid temperature not exceeding 35 ° C), the electrolyte is maintained between the max and min level line, tighten the exhaust bolt.
3, allowed to stand for 30 minutes after the injection of the electrolyte, the battery can be loading use (conditions allow, with 0.1C20 current charging 1-5 hours, better results; charged battery with liquid can be used immediately.) Battery "+", "-" end respectively connected with the vehicle signed wiring.
4, (* non-reverse, otherwise it will damage the electrical equipment of the vehicle! *)