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How to prevent battery explosion?

2015/11/5 15:34:04 Click Number:813
Battery due to overcharge, produce large amounts of bubbles, while the temperature of the electrolyte is increased, so that the mass of water evaporated, and then if the vent plug, or too far too late to escape due to the gas, the battery internal pressure will rise very high, to achieve a certain degreea little case of fire, it will cause an explosion, the precautionary approach:
1,Battery vent must always be kept clear.
2,Voltage generator mediation should be adjusted to fit.
3 terminals are firmly, so as not to loose spark.
4 battery internal short circuit and sulfuric acid should be immediately removed.
5,Do not ignition column with a wrench in the positive and negative metal.
6,Maintenance vehicles should first rule out the flammable gas inside the battery.