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The electrolyte is consumed quickly how to do?

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Excessive consumption of electrolyte, generally due to the vibration of the vehicle is in motion so that the electrolyte spill or evaporate due to electrolyte
Due. Such as electrolyte consumed too fast, should be carried out to check the following:
Check the battery shell or without rupture, working bolt whether to tighten the lid sealing compound around for cracks. In the case of the raw
Due to repair, after the repair should be added to the electrolyte.
Check whether the modem disorders or limit voltage than standard. If it is to deal with the mediator for overhaul
Whole. Because the limit voltage is too high charging current can be too large, the battery long-term in an overcharged state, the battery will cause
Temperature increases, substantial evaporation of the electrolyte, the electrolyte is consumed quickly. Adjusted mediator distillation can be added to the battery
Due to water evaporation loss is water.