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Japanese car sales fell bring disaster to the car battery orders

2015/11/5 15:31:57 Click Number:935

    Recently, the reporter of enterprises operating rate of the lead-acid battery research found tight because of the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands so that Sino-Japanese relations, Japanese car sales decline, a direct impact on Japanese cars the supporting lead acid battery business orders, have been part of such lead-acid battery businessproduction.

    Japanese passenger cars since July, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics show a significant decline in July and August sales were 221,900, 226,900, compared with 259,400 in June, a decrease of more than 30,000 levels. Since September, the anti-Japanese goods emotions gradually warming as the Diaoyu Islands dispute, particularly the "September 18 Incident" 81 anniversary, part of the Japanese car production line shutdown directly to the Japanese car automotive battery business originally not tepid "golden nine silver ten "poured a pot of cold water, the decline in orders, the battery sales pressure doubled.

    According to the Japanese car matching the person in charge of the battery business expected orders in September and October is still poor, production and operating rates will decline, the original enterprise-day National Day holiday, plan a vacation, by the decline in orders, and now plans to extend the vacation time, to eight days.