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Electric cars with lead-acid battery industry consolidation outlook optimistic

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     Very wide range of applications of lead-acid batteries, environmental verification and enhance industrial concentration, creating industry opportunities outlook of lead-acid batteries are widely used, including the downstream lead-acid batteries for automotive starter and electric bicycles aggregate 80% of the total demand, with China's automobile The development of high-speed, electric bicycles and other industries, the surge in demand for lead-acid batteries. Meanwhile, the lead-acid battery environmental rectify and backward production capacity out of the short-term shut down a large number of production capacity, environmentally friendly, cost and scale advantages of enterprise through the expansion is expected to fill the supply capacity adjusted blank. Stringent industry access regulations also recently implemented, lead the industry gradually to the high barriers, the high degree of concentration shift, creating investment opportunities.

    Car starter lead-acid battery demand to maintain steady growth of industry consolidation has created expansion opportunities

    China's automobile industry in the past 10 years to maintain high-speed growth of more than 20%, to 2011, car ownership in China has broken billion, but 70 per thousand population is only half the world average of 140, visible car in China is still large room for development. Battery replacement requires a huge amount of car ownership and supporting the claims of the new car, drive the car starter lead-acid battery demand steady growth. The occasion to bring the product in short supply in the industry consolidation, rapid expansion of production capacity and has a channel edge to digest new capacity of corporate earnings growth is expected to be.

    Vast electric car battery market to become the lead-acid battery business battleground

    Electric bicycle due to the practicality, convenience and economy in our country has made rapid spread, some provinces and municipalities also include a variety of home appliances to the countryside, to further promote the development of the electric bicycle industry. Lead-acid batteries accounted for about 95% of the electric bike motive battery market share, though to some extent by the threat of lithium battery technology, but cost-effective enough to protect its position in the short term mainstream unshakable. With the rapid growth of the electric bicycle industry, there will be more room for growth in the demand for electric vehicle batteries. Southern Power and other enterprises through various forms to enter the field of electric vehicle batteries.

    The weak hybrid cars with industrialization based on lead-acid battery is expected to enjoy the industry grew out of the energy-saving, economic considerations and input costs, the market will spontaneously drive the weak and the popularization of hybrid vehicles, the first pure electric vehicles and strong Hybrid vehicles achieve industrialization. In the same time, domestic and foreign OEMs continue to introduce new energy automotive products, weak hybrid car is expected to accelerate the pace of development. High-performance, high-capacity, maintenance-free lead-acid weak mixing battery as important accessories of the weak mixing dynamical systems, future demand is expected to continue to grow.

    Standby power market and stable development of the qualification requirements created trade barriers

    Telecommunications switching office is mainly used for communication with the back-up battery, the base station powered DC system, accounts for about 30-40% of the spare lead-acid battery market, its demand mainly depends on the intensity of communication fixed assets investment. In recent years with the gradual completion of the 3G network construction, communications, fixed asset investment has slowed down. 2013 With 4G business pilot advance of things, and the further development of the wireless broadband network, fixed investment in the communications industry is expected to pick up. Existing huge means of communication base station network communications backup power stable replacement demand, to ensure the steady growth of the demand of the lead-acid battery. In addition, the field of communication barriers of qualification, we believe that large-scale in the industry, excellent reputation, better profitability of the enterprise is able to obtain certification, holds the dominant position in the share of the supplier of communications carriers and to obtain long-term stable development.