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Lead-acid batteries pollute the environment harm human

2015/11/5 15:31:29 Click Number:893
     Recently, a report from the environmental protection department of Shanghai show, the leaded material up to the lead-acid battery recovery of only 40%, and scatter around 1.5 million end-of-life battery. Dumping liquid waste the many recycling will contain lead components directly to the river and creek, Enterobacter, and precipitation in the land of lead which is harmful for human and animal health.
It is understood that the Shanghai Municipal waste lead the implementation of recycling enterprises of less than 10 a year up to handle thousands of tons, the lowest abroad year deal with the scale of the enterprise is also two tons or more, and can even reach 10 million tons. The city part of the treatment plant of waste lead five times the energy consumption is similar foreign enterprises, processing technology is equivalent to the level of the 1960s. A lot of lead vapor, lead dust, sulfur dioxide, emissions of lead content exceeded the national standard a few times, a considerable number of enterprises thus fine, Guantingbingzhuan the processing.
    In the case of relatively smaller manufacturers of raw materials demand, scrap lead-acid battery recycling market confusion. According to the Shanghai Municipal recycling company, since 1992, after the release of the recycling, and the brightest recycled army of a Bay through the door. Thousands of the city's total lead scrap collection point for the recycling and recovery of waste lead quickly monopolized by the self-employed, the majority of scrap lead-acid batteries random scatter, the Zhabei, Qingpu counties littering particularly serious.
    The experts called for the waste of lead pollution in the environment, must be changed, and to find alternatives for lead-acid batteries is a viable option. Shanghai, Dalian is studying the complete elimination of all sealed gel battery sulfuric acid mist and lead contamination, if widely promoted, lead battery problem to be governed from the source. In the case can not be replaced, the experts suggest that the implementation of the main channels for recycling, and the implementation of stringent governance appropriate to support the treatment plant, the illegal collection points.
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